The Confederacy of the Western Isles

The Confederacy (also known as the CWI) comprises the majority of the archipelago off the western coast of the Northern Continent. The forms of government of the individual islands vary, but the CWI acts as a regulatory body and manages certain economic matters. There is free movement and trade among the islands.


  • Ddafyg – one of the two largest islands particularly mountainous and split apart by a number of rivers, at one point Ddafyg was the originator of an empire which covered significant parts of the Northern continent, but has since retreated to being a sovereign nation and the most influential member of the CWI.
  • Wassia – one of the two largest islands, home to a lot of fertile farmland, sometimes known as the breadbasket of the Western Isles. Has a history of being invaded a lot.
  • Cannaway – the last large island to the west, home to the city of Nottinborough. Gently, yet firmly independent and home to a lot of mists and a lot of myths.

Notable Cities

  • Nottinborough – The largest city on the isle of Cannaway. As the most western city before the Ghisraic Ocean, but not a massive port, it has attracted smugglers for centuries, along with scholars who study at the prestigious university.

The Confederacy of the Western Isles

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