Playable Races

The world of Apogee of Ages is, in some respects, not the bog standard D&D setting. As a result, some of the races you might expect to find in setting – elves, dwarves, tieflings, etc. – may not be entirely as expected. This page documents the main differences in terms of playing them; click through for information about their role in the world in general.

n.b. as the game is set in a human-dominated area of the globe, it is expected that most PCs will be human.


Following a large and incredibly destructive war several centuries ago, the elves in the northern continent retreated to the forest they had inhabited for centuries and barred the way to follow. They have only within the past few years started treating with humans on a large scale. Elf or half-elf characters are rare and likely to be either mavericks or diplomats.
Rather than chaotic, elven society in-setting is incredibly ordered and lawful. As they’ve been shut away for many years, their society and technology is, by and large, old-fashioned.


Dwarves primarily live in mountain ranges. They are most populous in the large mountain range that splits the northern continent in the middle, but dwarven communities can be found in most mountain ranges. Many dwarves also venture away from the mountains, into more cosmopolitan society, either for reasons or trade or simply to make a life there.


[well-integrated, dominant in some countries gnomish governments, resented because they tend to hoover up magical scholarships]


While there are some towns, areas of cities, and so on that are predominantly human or predominantly halfling, the two races are broadly quite mixed throughout the world. Human/halfling marriages are not uncommon, I’ll homebrew a half-halfling race at some point…


[distrusted, memories of orcish marauders, but orcs and half orcs can be found in many places particularly the north. less tribal than they used to be]


[isolated communities all over the world, different colours in different places]


Tieflings did not exist until around a year and a half ago, when people of certain ancestries suddenly started manifesting infernal traits. Tieflings are, by and large, not accepted
into ordinary society. In some countries they are seen as objects to be studied, in others they are assumed criminal by default. Playing a Tiefling is still possible.

Other Races

Other races mentioned in various D&D sourcebooks may or may not exist within setting. If you have a particular urge to play a tabaxi or a genasi, talk to the GM to find out whether it’s possible. If the race you want to play is homebrew, assume the answer will be no.

Playable Races

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