Apogee of Ages

Swimming can make you GLOW

Welcome... to the Adventure Log

The adventure begins in the Swaggering Narwhal tavern, a relatively recent establishment in the trendy part of time which, simultaneously, is aspiring to be posher than it is and pretending to be slummier than it is. Fi and Skarev are playing cards in the corner while Silese hangs out with some of her society friends. Gwyn and Sha Re are both drinking alone and looking shady, and Colm is getting as pissed as possible with some of his drinking buddies.

A man stumbles in, looking very confused. A large portion of his body is glowing. The barman, Dave, talks to him, calling him Alan and mentioning that he’s been missing for several days and he was worried about him. The glow is spreading. At some point. Alan lays a hand on Dave’s bare arm, leaving a glowing handprint that starts to spread. The glowing light overtakes Alan’s entire form and he explodes in a dazzling flash of light.

The glow is spreading up Dave’s arm, so they decide to amputate it after Sha Re sends him to sleep. Now that the arm is detached from the body, the glow spreads even more rapidly and the arms explodes quickly. As the party are attempting to work out what to do about this, the police rock up and take everyone in for questioning. It is clear that the police have had to deal with Fi before, but as he’s not currently doing anything massively dodgy they don’t actively arrest him.

While the party are at the police station, it becomes clear that there’s some kind of emergency situation going on: a magical plague of glowing explosions appears to be spreading from the docks. Although they initially wanted to talk to the party as witnesses, it becomes clear that they have more important things to do, so the party are released. They decide to go down to the docks.

On the way, Sha Re mentions that he can cast identify if they provide him with a pearl worth 100gp. Fi spots some well dressed young ladies and determines that one of them has a pearl brooch. Colm attempts to distract them as Fi swipes the brooch, but they still notice. Silese comforts them, as she knows these society ladies, allowing Fi to escape.

#Once they reach the docks, they talk their way past the impromptu police barrier. Fi stabs someone and brings back the body for the wizard, who cast identify and determines that the glow is some kind of magical plague. Gwyn at some point touches some of the glow, but has sufficient willpower to avoid infection.

After some investigation, the party determine that the glow is coming from under the broken ship. The warlock ties themself up with rope and dives into the water, where they meet a giant crab, also infected with the glow. They fight the giant crab ineffectually before being tugged out of the water, giant crab attached. The paladin shoves the crab, and thereby the warlock, back into the water. Sploosh.

The party spend a while talking about what exactly is going on, wondering whether they should attempt to go via the sewers. Silese objects to this, so Gwyn attempts to demonstrate the use of presdigitation to clean by dirtying Silese’s outfit. This does not fly: she rages, sending Gwyn back into the water.

Eventually, they make their way over to the ship by turns, Fi (who did a stunning acrobatic leap) lands neatly, Gwyn just fucking swims. They explore and find an air pocket full of glowing angular lines through the crack from which the light seems to be emanating and then come back. The group decides to explore it collectively – Sha Re is extremely reluctant, but Scarev doesn’t give a shit and drags him in with her.
This turns out badly when the party are attacked by crabs. Fortunately, they get an unlikely saviour in the form of a reef shark who arbitrarily attacks a crab. Everyone clambers back on the ship, and they shark and crab (both affected by the glowing magic) explode under the water. The way cleared, the party make their way through the tunnel and up through the passageway, until they come to a room with a font and benches, from which boils up a humanoid figure who proceeds to attack them. Weirdly, they seem to have been healed in this time.

Once the figure is subdued, Scarev kicks at the font. This causes the figure to boil up again and they have to fight it once more. As most of the party do this, the wizard explores the room, finding a panel in one of the walls behind which is a button with old ddafaeg writing on it. The party press a button that releases a shock of magical energy and the font creature resents, introducing herself as the Enchanted Spectral Helper, or Esh. The party determine that she is the result of some super freaky magic from just over a thousand years ago, created as a spa and then, it seems, forgotten about. The most recent people to breach her seem to have been crabs.

They swim back to the docks. The spread of the infection appears to have been contained, and people who have not been completely consumed are being treated at the local hospital. The party now have to opportunity to investigate what exactly went on, if they wish.

If you plan to investigate the rack, please let me know ASAP!



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