Apogee of Ages

Release the Crabken

After defeating a few of the cultists who had been using the tunnel network as a base, the party went on to try to clear the rest of the cult out of the tunnels. Fi scouted ahead and came across the cult in the middle of a ritual of some description.

The chamber was a natural cavern in the rocks, with a high arched ceiling and two streams flowing through, drawing together at the opposite end to the entrance through which the party were able to come. Some of the water from the streams had been diverted into some sort of ritual circle. At the centre of the circle was an alter made of flowing water, a copy of the sigil previously found seeming to ‘swim’ around it. As Fi watched, a beam of light shot from the central alter, illuminating the cavern with a watery light through which an immense creature seemed to swim and scream.

Fi let off a wolf whistle, drawing the attention of the cultists, before running back to the others. In the fight which ensued, Sha Re was hit by an unfamiliar spell, Drown, but shot back with a Suggestion that the cultist conducting the ritual cease it. After one failure, this succeeded, and the participant effectively turned against the ritual.

Eventually, the party managed to defeat the cult, taking the leader (a silver dragonborn woman), her second-in-command and a couple of lesser cultists. One of them, an elf called Ta Li, offered help after having a crisis of faith. They are currently free, in exchange for helping deal with the threat.

The party found a variety of things and information.

The Book

The majority of research into the summoning of the Kraken had been done by one one, the leader of the cult, and kept in a notebook bound in what seems to be some sort of fish scale. It begins seemingly part way through the research – likely, she had a lot of initial research elsewhere.

The writings are hard to decipher, written not only in an obscure dialect of Hulfsan. but in terrible handwriting and increasingly frenzied scrawling. What you can make out includes writings on what she calls the ‘Elder Ones’, most notably the Kraken. Reading the book, she appears to have held the heretical belief that these things came before the gods, from a plane beyond the commonly known material, ethereal, celestial, infernal and elemental planes – or perhaps from outside the planar system itself.

Towards the end are more clearly written notes on how to summon the kraken creature itself – or perhaps an avatar of it, you can’t quite tell. The ritual appears to be a progressive one – at first, the kraken is summoned in an ethereal form, and then becomes material before gaining in strength. From what you can extrapolate, you have the material Kraken but not a hugely powerful one.

The Amulet

The leader was wearing an amulet, which Sha Re took.

Mundane Treasure

You spent some time ransacking the personal belonging of the dead cultists. You find

  • Two longswords
  • Three daggers
  • An attractive shell necklace
  • A holy symbol, seemingly handmade, with the sigil you’ve seen.
  • What appears to be an engagement ring
  • 17gp
  • 108sp
  • 63cp



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