Old gods rise and monsters wake. The time of heroes is upon us.

A thousand years ago, the world was a more exciting place to live. For sure, people died a lot younger, and the quality of living was generally lower, but the stories – dear gods, the stories. Heroes walked the land, facing down dangers beyond your wildest imaginings.

Something changed though. Mundane practicality took over. Monsters gone, people took to fighting each other in vicious wars which all but took over the world. Millions died, but when the dust settled the way was cleared for communications, infrastructure, social and political advancement. People settled down to industry, to becoming more prosperous and less interesting. This is the world you grew up in.

But now the world is changing again. Reports of monsters are coming in from the countryside, dragons have been seen on the wing. The names of the gods, written on the temple walls, have changed but everyone just seems to be accepting this. And in among it all, a handful of kids with bright ideas have realised they could be the heroes the world now needs…

Welcome to the Apogee of Ages…

Apogee of Ages is a D&D 5e campaign running on a ‘Come along when you can make it’ model. Including for the GM, who is awkwardly flitting between Oxford and London over summer. Includes probably more obscure political theory than any fantasy setting should.

The list of characters (and players) can be found here, summaries of past adventures can be found here.

Apogee of Ages

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